They came around when we need their help

or if we’re ever struck

we fight and argue everyday

we curse and shout at them

but at the end we reunite

cause they’re our closer friends

the love we hve is mutual

although we never show it

the ups and down will come around

as family we’ll get through it

my family means the world to me

and no one can replace

they’re everything  i ever wanted

and now i rest my case.



10 Unknown facts about William Shakespeare.


images (14)Did you know that some people think England’s beloved Bard never existed? According to one longstanding theory the literary masterpieces attributed to Shakespeare were actually written by Edward De Vere, Earl of Oxford. Find out more about this hypothesis and explore other interesting aspects of Shakespeare’s life and legacy.
1. Shakespeare’s father held a lot of different jobs, and at one point got paid to drink beer.

2. Shakespeare married an older woman who was three months pregnant at the time.

3. Shakespeare’s parents were probably illiterate, and his children almost certainly were.

4. Nobody knows what Shakespeare did between 1585 and 1592.

5. Shakespeare’s plays feature the first written instances of hundreds of familiar terms.

6. We probably don’t spell Shakespeare’s name correctly—but, then again, neither did he.

7. Shakespeare’s epitaph wards off would-be grave robbers with a curse.
8. Shakespeare wore a gold hoop earring—or so we think.

9. North America’s 200 million starlings have Shakespeare to thank for their existence.

10. Some people think Shakespeare was a fraud.

a second dad!!


Even though you’re not my dad

i know that you”ll be there

with the little things you do

you let me know you care.

You’re always there to help,

whatever the need may be

You’ve given of yourself….

and so unselfishly

Now you’re becoming the dad

that i have never known

i’m drawn to you more every day

for the kindness you have shown

i just want to though you

and let you know i care

A second dad as great as you

is something very rare ……..

What matters!!!


It doesnt make a difference what colour you are,

because love should conquer all near or far

nor does it make a difference why we are here

beacuse in the end we all have that fear

that death is evident and we all will die,

but what should matter are the blue skies and sun

and what we all can do to live together peacefully as one.

What matters is the air we breathe,

the starving people in this world we need to feed

the precious meaning of live itself,

in whatever situation we find ourselves

the endless efforts to find a cure for aids,

through benefits and charities with funds that are raised.

what matters is the opportunity we all share

when we are healthy and alive.

because with the way in the world is today

Its never ending struggle to survive.

Life is what matters, so live it. love it, o r leave it be

Because we are not here for eternity.



Zindagi ki rahe to hume dagaa deti rahi,
magar wo hamara hath pakdh kr chlte rahe.

unki manzil to kahi peeche chooth gyi thi,
par wo hamare liye rasto se bi ldhte rahe.

duniya to manzil panne ke liye bhagwan ka shara leti rahi,
wo yo hamare liye bhagwan se bi jhagadte rahe.

log smjhte hai hum apni kabiliyat ki wjha se chamak rahe the,
magar sach to ye hai ki hum unhi ke share age bdhte rahe.

log jinhe har pal budhe hone ki sjha dete rahe,
kismat to dkho wahi MAA-BAAP har dua me unka naam lete rahe!!

Golden experiences


The progression is unstoppable if you are desperate enough to maintain perpetuity in what you are learning . Life doesn’t provide you with a second chance so to get it curved or linear, to paint it with multi colours or simply a single shade depends upon how tactical ,fesiable and versatile you are . To learn and to be accomplished is what I have perceived under the proficiency of media department.

To Pause and to get tired was once my favourite duty . As though my hidden feelings were reached out , I was designed with a destiny to live my passion . My initial step began with a journey from a countryside to a crowded town of India with the mocking weather and the scornful sun rays of Punjab brought the flame inside me to burn even harder.

By encountering the hearty people and the colourful souls of India my heart gradually started melting and I vowed down with the deep sense of respect . People were enriched with confidence . At that particular time I witnessed my lapses which generally left me insane . Nevertheless, the echoes, the laughter’s around helped me to burst my heart out and gave me the
heart of hope

Taking into account,our acceptance and the reactions we give back when we are hit by an obstacle merely describes the strength in us.
There has been tremendous growth in oneself through the hardships we endured while learning a life at an individual level. We are transformed both mentally and physically as we are bound to take responsibilities on our own. Thereby, we are taught the lesson of self direction, dependence and interdependence .

Backed by the fact that Chitkara university is one of the profound universities in India, the college gives it’s best to nurture the students in such a way that they could perform best to their capabilities providing better infrastructure, advanced learning sessions with the well experienced teachers . It even helps students in giving more exposure by conducting different activities ,events, etc.

overall I have the best of my memories in Chitkara university, a place no less than a home .
Everything about Chitkara university is being engraved so deeply in my heart . And I would love to conclude here with a message” time elapsed so fast and I cannot resist the pain of departure.To all my teachers , then to my colleagues, I owe each of you in my heart.Afterall “you are the perfect creations of the creature.”



These poems are a comparison between the two status of a heart.

ROSE is a representation of the calm heart and the one that sees a potential partner, that will be by your side, but when that does not happen……..THE DAY I TURNED COLD can be considered to be an ailing heart’s cry for love.

Like a ROSE,

You rose.

Like the sunshine,

You will shine.

In an instance,

Don’t change your stance.

You will get your chance,

Even if you get it once.

Just don’t ruin it.

Or you’ll regret it.

Demand the time you need,

Well, time certainly is no weed.

Like in a herd you lead,

Heard, what I mean.

Just for reference,

Try using remembrance.

And like the fragrance,

Of the ROSE,

You Rose.


The day I went cold.

I’m not lying,

I’m dying.

You told me how to fight,

For me you were the light.

You were right.

With light, comes the darkness,

That always leaves you restless.

You were my reconnaissance,

To the dissonance.

You told me how to fight,

For what is right.

The day I found what was right,

You weren’t on my right.

You told me to fight,

And that’s why you aren’t anymore in my sight.

You were right.

You told me when to fight.

As I was earlier told,

The day I found right,

I turned cold.