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Yesterday i was looking for a phone case online to buy but i found those cases really costly and not Worth It. So ,  I thought of designing and making a phone case myself and what i found on youTube was something i thought of sharing with you all. It’s beautiful DIY for making a super cool and easy Phone Case yourself.

Source- YouTube( cutesimplestuff)

Getting Creatiff Wings in Hauz Khas Village


Talking about the South Hub of the Delhi one can never get off Hauz Khas from their minds

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The shops in the Hauz Khas Village of Delhi are designed in such a creative manner  that it appears so

Catchy that one can never resist.

Few of the stores in Hauz Khas includes –


Kunzum Travel Cafe

Kunzum Travel Cafe is such an amazing place to sit in where you can meet travellers from different backgrounds. Sipping in coffee with chocolate wafers. The interiors of Kunzum Cafe is such delightful to spend time and to work in.


Ali Baba Caves


Its about Music!

Live music is what can allire you here . Beauty with beautiful music is the best part of this place.

By – Fiza



Looking for creative ways to make some extra cash this year? What better a creative way to make extra money than by selling some DIYs you made?I want to share what  I found a little something for everyone, too – DIY gifts, jewelry, wall art, home decor, pillows, coasters, bags and clocks. You can sell online too. Whether you are just starting out trying to sell things or are already an expert and power seller on Ebay, you are sure to find a few new cool ideas for crafts to make and sell. Sewing projects, painting projects, inexpensive crafts you can make from things you buy at stores, and my favorite kind- projects from reclaimed wood. Even you can use in your own home, office, hostel or some other place.
This rope bowl only looks expensive and hard to make. I was so surprised when I found out elegant DIY home decor like this could be made with only rope and a glue gum! Craft your bowls in minutes and you will have a ton of them to sell in no time. Try using different kinds of rope and jute when making them so you can offer your customers a variety of choices. These homemade bowls are perfect for holding fruit, yarn, napkins, home decor accessories, bread, and pretty much anything you like to put in them. This craft makes an awesome and cheap DIY gift, too.

2. Washi Tape Mini Wood Pallet Coasters:
How about making these adorable but affordable coasters that look just like tiny painted pallets? Made with only craft sticks, glue and washi tape, you can customize the look of these DIY pallet coasters and create endless possibilities. These need to be packed well, but are super light and fit in small shipping envelopes, so they are one of my top picks for things to sell on Etsy and Ebay. One of the cutest crafts ideas to make and sell ever!
Washi tape mini wood pallet DIY coasters

3.DIY Bath bombs:
Bath Bomb are super popular right now, thanks to stores like Lush that sell fabulous ones. Making homemade bath bombs may look tricky, but I promise you it is not. Mix, mold and package your goods, then sell them with cute wrapping and tags.

. Cut off the majority of the pant legs to create long shorts. This will make the jeans easier to work with.
. Put on the shorts, and fold under the edge of the shorts to create the shape you want. Tip: Make the inseam (the area along your crotch) longer than the sides of your shorts rather than cutting them straight across. I find this shape most flattering, especially if you like your shorts a little shorter.
Mark along the edge of these shorts with your marker so that when you take them off, you’ll know where you want to cut.
. Take off the shorts and cut along the marked line. Tip: Cut slightly below the line because the shorts will fray and shorten in the wash.
5. Fold the shorts in half to cut the other leg so they’re the same length and shape.




Have you guys ever ponder about your dreams? How good and bad dreams come? Dreaming is quite an intersting process. So lets learn something new about dreams.
What if your dreams starts haunting you?
There is a very easy solution to this. That is tring something which will actually filter out your dreams.
I know it sounds a little awkward but trust me its an amazing process by using a dreamcatcher.
What is a dreamcatcher?
Dreamcatcher is something which helps you to filter out your dreams so that only good dreams may come to you.
An original dreamcatcher is circular in shape and has a diameter of 3.5 inches.
History of dreamcatcher
It was orginated with the Ojibwe people . It was adopted by Native Americans of a no. of different nations. Its is considered as a symbol of unity.
How it works?
The circulr part (hoop) of the dreamcatcher has woven strings which act like a spider web & is believed to filter out all the dreams.
What its different parts symbolize?
The feathers attached to it symbolizes breath because it is holy and beads on it represent good dreams. Whereas bad ones are being caught by the web.

So wanna have some pleasant dreams?
Hurryup! Fetch yourself a dreamcatcher to hang it on your window.
Good luck . Have beautiful & harmonious dreams!

By- Fiza

Scout Bracelet



Color, texture and sparkle – just a few of our favorite things, and this bracelet has them all! Craft this DIY bracelet to add to add a little color to your stack and warm up your winter.


  • scissors
  • Chain nose pliers
  • Round nose pliers
  • Clippers


  • fabric wrapped cord
  • embroidery thread
  • rhinestone chain
  • glue
  • gold end caps
  • jump rings
  • headpins
  • lobster clasp


20 minutes + drying time


Gather your tools and materials.

Wrap the fabric cord around your wrist and mark where the cord meets.

If you like your bracelets on the tighter side cut about 5-10mm back from this point. If you like your bracelets on the looser side cut right where you marked. Remember that when the bracelet is completed we are going to be adding a little length from the lobster clasp and jump rings.

Unwind a bit of thread from the card and tie a knot around one end of cord (leaving a 2″ tail of thread – we will use this later). We want the knot to eventually be hidden by the end caps. To make sure tthis happens and your knot is in the right place, hold the end cap up to the cord.

With the long piece of thread start wrapping it around the fabric cord at a diagonal. You should have a wrap about every 5 mm or so. It’s really up to you how much thread you want to see here.

Grab the rhinestone chain – you want this centered on the bracelet. Line it up in the center of the fabric cord and attach it by going around in the diagonal with the thread. You should go in between every single stone.

Wrap the entire rhinestone chain to the bracelet and finish going all the way down the fabric cord. Tie a knot in the same place as we did on the opposite side.

Then go back down the length of the bracelet in the opposite direction, creating a cross pattern over the thread you already wrapped.

Go in between every single rhinestone again and all the way down to your starting point. Tie a knot right above the first one and then tie the end of thread to the initial 2″ of thread we left at the beginning.

Snip off the excess cord, leaving a small tail that we will tuck into the end cap.

Place on headpin into the hole of an end cap. The round head on the headpin should be on the inside of the cap.

Add a dab of glue to the inside of the cap.

Push the fabric cord and the thread into the cap. Twisting it a little as you insert the cord will help distribute the glue. If any glue comes out the hole in the top just wipe it clean with a paper towel.

Repeat on the opposite side. Let this sit to dry for at least 6 hours before moving on to the next step.

Create a small loop at the base of the end cap using your round nose pliers. Get the 411 on mastering those loops here.

To make this loop a little stronger, wrap the end of the wire once, around the bottom of the loop.

Snip off the excess wire with your clippers. Make the same loop on the other side of the bracelet.

TO finish the bracelet we are going to add 2 jump rings to one side and 2 jump rings + a lobster clasp to the other side. You can add or subtract jump rings here to fit your wrist better.

Open the jump rings with the help of your chain nose pliers and attach the components together.

All done!!!

Silica gels: Useful or Useless?


Ever thought the silica gel bags which you get when you buy things like shoes are useless?

Embrace yourself because you are going to be as wrong as ever.

Because silica gels HAS a purpose?

Don’t believe me? Then come join me as  I show you what otherwise the useless silica gels can be is actually useful for.

  1. The primary use of the little bag which is strctly instructed ‘Not to Be Eaten’ is to absorb the water. So, if your phone ever falls in the water which happens more often than never, then place your phone in the plastic with five packets of the silica gels in it and leave it for some time. This will help the removal of the moisture from your phone.
  2. Winter is still tagging along, despite entering the March month and technically being summer. Hence, your wind shield of your car is bound to be frosted and fogged up. So, just throw some packets on the deck of your car, near to the wind shield and drive away because your wind shield is going to as clear as the crystal. SilicaMagic!
  3. if you ever face a problem with wet swim suit, just take some silica gel bags and put the wet swim suit in the plastic along with the gel bags.
  4. If you want some metallic object, place them with the one of the silica gel bag. Why, you ask? As stated before, Silica bags absorbs the humidity in the air which pretty much reduces the chances of rust. Science.

Place the silica bags anywhere where you want the humidity or the moisture in the air to remain low.

So, avoid throwing the silica bags and start using it.

Written by Tshering Choden